Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Customers are being cheated in the name of this TATA company, you also need to be alert

Tata Power DDL: In view of the increasing fraud in the name of well-known companies, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (Tata Power DDL), a company of Tata Group, has issued an advisory for the customers. Customers are advised to beware of fraudsters in exchange for electrical service in the name of Tata Power. In the northern part of Delhi, the electricity distribution company has issued an advisory for the customers.

In the advisory issued by Tata Power DDL, it has been said that
The company, ‘Some wrong people are misusing company name through fraudulent messages, paying electricity bills, cutting or reconnecting electricity, installing fake apps, etc. We are approaching you to request money for the payment of outstanding bills. Tata Power DDL said in a statement that the wrong customers are asked to call or send WhatsApp messages or request a personal meeting.

Verify the identity of the person in
In the advisory issued by the company, it is forbidden to call any other number to ‘download’ any third-party app for such activities. However, if an employee visits customers’ premises, his identity can be verified using the company’s official mobile app TPDDL Connect, according to the statement.

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The company has also lodged a complaint against some phone numbers in this regard and requested the customers to beware of such fake SMS/calls. Tata Power-DDL said that any information related to customers can be checked through the company’s official website or through the company’s toll-free number 19124. The company has sent an e-mail to ConsumerCare on TataPower requesting them to record the details of the defaulters- ddl.com.

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