Monday, December 11, 2023

These pictures must be in the smartphone’s gallery, because they are very important documents in every person life.

Important documents you should always keep on hand: In the modern world, smartphones have made life simpler. We always have our smartphones with us wherever we go. The image of the required paper, which we do not carry in our pockets, is unquestionably still on the phone. The gallery on our smartphone contains a wide variety of images. However, it is advisable to also include images of significant documents in the gallery.


Even though each of us has a variety of images in our galleries, today’s discussion is about some particularly significant images that ought to be on every phone.

Aadhar card-Newsstore24

We are identified by our Aadhar cards. You might occasionally not have a hard copy of your Aadhar card. Keeping its digital or physical copy in the phone is a smart move in this circumstance.

Covid 19-Newsstore24

Our vaccination record is currently, undoubtedly, the most significant document that should be stored on our phones. Keep your certificate on your phone if you received both doses of the vaccine designed to prevent Covid 19.

PAN card-Newsstore24

Our PAN card is equally important as our Aadhar card in terms of importance. A copy of our PAN card, a crucial identity document, should also be on our phone. If you don’t have a hard copy, you can still use the image or digital version to your advantage.

Driving license Newsstore24

If you drive, consider whether you have your driver’s license before leaving the house. Maintaining a digital copy of the DL on your phone becomes necessary in case you ever forget to carry it. Some of the crucial apps for storing digital copies include the m-Parivahan app and the DigiLocker app.

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