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LPG Saving Tips Hacks: If you use these 10 strategies, you won’t need to refill your cylinder each month, making it last 15 days longer

LPG Saving Tips Hacks: Home use gas, or LPG, cylinders frequently expire just when they are most needed. In order to help you in this situation, we’re going to share some cooking tips and hacks that you can use to extend the life of your cylinder.

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Use of wet tableware is not advised. Wipe it down with a clean cloth before placing it on the gas burner so that less gas is used to dry the container.

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Keep everything close near your hand, then start the gas to cook the food. It is often seen that the gas is already turned on and the pan is put on and later the goods are collected. The gas keeps burning for a very long time in this circumstance.

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Never remove something from the fridge and put it on the gas right away. It must first be normalized outside for a while before being heated. This also saves on gas.

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Food should frequently be cooked with a cover because cooking food with an open flame uses more gas and depletes the food’s minerals.

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Use of a pressure cooker is advised because, according to multiple studies, it uses less gas to cook rice dal than using conventional utensils. According to one estimate, rice and pulses can both save up to 46% on gas.

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If someone wants hot water or tea, boil it once and store it in a thermos to avoid having to boil it repeatedly. You can save a lot of time and money by doing this.

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In a burned-out or damaged vessel, cooking takes longer. As a result, clean the utensils frequently. Your food may also be ruined if you cook with dirty utensils.

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Keep the flame at the appropriate level for the container while cooking. Maintain a low flame if the pot is small. In a small vessel, maintaining a high flame will cause the gas to burn out more quickly and also cause the utensils to burn.


Keep your gas pipe, tube, and mesh clean if the gas is yellow or red-orange in color. Because of poor cleaning, gas quickly runs out and pipe damage becomes more likely.

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