Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Super Earth Exoplanet: Apart from Earth, humans can also live on these two planets! Scientists made big claim

Scientists have discovered two exoplanets: Scientists have been researching for a long time in this direction that they can settle human civilization on another planet. Research continued, and as a result, scientists now assert that they have found two such exoplanets where there is a good chance that people would survive. Please explain what these exoplanets are before we continue. In the language of science, the term exoplanet is used for those planets, which are outside our solar system and orbit another star, that is, their Sun is second.

Know which planets are those

The two planets that have been found by astronomers are 100 light years from Earth. Letitia Delárez, an astrophysicist, was in charge of the finding. Scientists from all across the world were on his team. One of these planets has been discovered with the help of Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS – Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite), named LP 890-9b and the second planet is being talked about, which is being discovered with the help of this first planet. has gone. This planet’s designation is LP 890-9c. It is said to be roughly 40 times larger than Earth. Simultaneously, the first planet was reported to have grown about three times that of LP 890-9b from Earth. The SPECULOOS telescope was also used for this discovery.

Why scientists saw the possibility of life

Scientists believe that the temperature of the star around which this planet is orbiting is half that of the Sun. Therefore, the nearby planet LP 890-9c may have the potential for life and make it easier for humans to develop an atmosphere there. We’ll let you know that the Artemis 1 mission from NASA is likewise moving in this manner. The Artemis 1 mission has been postponed due to a fuel leak. The next launch date of the Artemis 1 mission has been set for 23 September. China’s Chang’e mission is also somewhat similar to Artemis 1, for which it has recently received permission. Many such missions will be seen in the coming days, but we know that humans need the same kind of environment as Earth to survive on any other planet.

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