Friday, September 30, 2022

Interesting Fact: In this country, guests are welcomed by showing their tongue, this tradition is strange.

Ways of Welcoming: There are different cultures and views in the world. People in every country have their own ways. Everyone treats guests in their own way. If a guest comes to our country, we say ‘Namaste’ to him. Similarly, there is a tradition of bowing down and saluting with folded hands. But there is also a place where there is a tradition of showing a different language of welcoming and respecting the guests. Through this article, we will tell you about this special and interesting tradition-

Unique welcome and respect in Tibet

Tibet has a unique tradition of welcoming and showing respect with the tongue. If you go there and someone else sticks out your tongue and shows you, don’t think it’s being done to tease you. Rather, this tradition of welcoming there has been going on for centuries.

History of Tradition

In the 9th century, Tibet was ruled by a cruel king, Langdarma, who had a black tongue. Since then, Tibetans tell anyone they meet with their tongue that they have nothing to do with that king. This tradition continues in Tibet to this day.

There are different ways of greeting in the world

There are different ways of welcoming, respecting, and greeting people around the world. While in our country the greeting is done with folded hands, in India and Pakistan it is called adab by bowing the head. In Greenland, guests are greeted with a nose-to-nose rub.

People are respected and welcomed by kissing on the cheeks in France and Ukraine. However, the practice of welcoming and welcoming with folded hands is the highest in the world. Even at global events, we usually welcome with a handshake.

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