Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Railways made changes in the ticket booking system! Big advantage for general ticket takers

Railway Tickets: If you too often travel by train, then this news is of your use. Sometimes passengers have to stand in long queues to get train tickets. But now to get rid of this, Railways has changed the rules of ticket booking. Under this change, the Ministry of Railways has increased the distance covered for booking unreserved tickets from the app.

Passengers’ time will be saved
after this change, you can book tickets even if you are far away from the station from where you have to start the journey. This discount available in unreserved tickets will save the time of the passengers. Passengers will get relief from long queues for getting tickets. Actually, till now you could book unreserved tickets through the app 2 km away from the starting station.

Due to this change
Now the distance of two km has been increased to 20 km. It came to the notice of the Railway Board that many times there is a problem of missing the network from the mobile when there is a distance of two km from the station. Because of this, passengers were not able to book train tickets even after wanting to. Due to this, now this distance from the ministry has been increased from 2 km to 20 km.

What is the new
Under the new arrangement, unreserved Railway Tickets for non-suburban classes can be booked from a distance of 20 km instead of 5 km. Apart from this, the distance for booking tickets for suburban section has been increased from 2 km to 5 km. After the introduction of this facility, now the passengers will get rid of the long queues for tickets after reaching the station.

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