Saturday, January 28, 2023

Rashi Khanna celebrating her birthday by planting a plant in the garden

Rashi Khanna Photos: An actress who has worked in both Bollywood and the South, turns 32 today. He was born in Delhi on November 30, 1990. He marked his birthday on this unique occasion by planting a seedling. View images…

Her birthday has been made special by Raashi Khanna. His birthday celebrations were very understated. On Instagram, the actress posted pictures of her birthday celebrations.

Raashin Khanna Planted New Plant

The images that have leaked on social media show Rashi Khanna sporting a casual appearance. She can be seen tending to the house’s garden and planting saplings, and her unassuming appearance is winning her fans.

Raashi Khanna

The thing that brings me the most joy and has also become a birthday tradition, Rashi wrote alongside the photographs. His images have amassed over a million likes. His admirers are gushing with praise.

Raashi Khanna Images

When it comes to Rashi’s appearance in the pictures, she is wearing a salwar suit. Likewise, without makeup. Fans are falling in love with her straightforward appearance. His pictures are widely shared.

Raashi Khanna Latest Photos

Rashi has also worked in Bollywood and her native South. His career in Hindi began with the movie “Madras Cafe.” He worked on the Telugu movie “Uhalu Gusagusalde” in the South at the same time in 2014.

Raashi Khanna Pic

In addition, if we discuss Rashi’s upcoming projects (Raashi Khanna Upcoming Films), we can say that she will star alongside Siddharth Malhotra in the movie “Yodha.” He’ll be joined by Disha Patni in this.

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