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If you do these four mistakes even by mistake, then your bank account can also be empty

Fraud Alert Tips: In today’s time, we have advanced a lot technically, because now almost every work is done in a digital way. For this, all you need is a mobile phone and the internet. After this, from ordering food to sitting at home, you can easily see the views of foreign countries, etc. on your mobile. But amidst all this one thing is even bigger and that is fraud. Actually, fraudsters find many new ways to cheat people and due to some small mistakes of people, their bank account becomes empty. That’s why it is important for you to know those things so that you don’t get cheated. So let’s know about them.

Fraud Alert Tips1

Keep these things in mind to avoid fraud:-

No. 1
If you want to stay away from fraud, never share your net banking ID and password with anyone other than your debit and credit card number, PIN number, CVV. If you do this then you may be in trouble.

Fraud Alert Tips2

No. 2
Whenever you go to withdraw money from the ATM machine, keep some things in mind. Check the place in the ATM machine where the card is inserted, check the keypad whether it is working properly or not, cover the keypad with the other hand while entering the PIN number and never help an unknown person Take it

Fraud Alert Tips3

No. 3
Nowadays most people do online shopping. If you do this, never save your payment information on any website or app. Apart from this, always do shopping or other work from a trusted website only.

Fraud Alert Tips4

No. 4
You have to take special care of one thing whenever you make an online payment, use a one-time password. OTP instead of a password. It also helps keep your payments secure and protect you from fraud. Also, keep in mind that never share OTP with anyone.

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