Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Start this business by investing only 50,000, you will earn 10 to 12 lakhs every month, know how?

Business Proposal: If you also want to start a business, then today we will give you such an idea, from which you can earn crores. The special thing is that you can start this business even by investing only Rs 50,000 from a room. Apart from this, it is in great demand in all the cities. To do this business, you must have computer and graphics knowledge.

From which business can you earn?

Today we will tell you about the business of hoarding, which is in high demand. To do this business, you have to rent some hoardings. After this, you can advertise by contacting companies. Apart from this, you can also increase this business by doing online promotion.

What items will be needed?

To do this business, you must have some essential things like internet, laptop, printer. Along with this, you should also create your own website, which makes it very easy to promote and take orders.

The price is decided according to the place and location.

If you start this busines with a low cost i.e. Rs 50,000, then how many hoardings you put up in a month determines your earnings. Depending on the location, you can charge one lakh rupees or more for the hoarding. Its cost depends on the city and place.

There will be an earning of 10 lakhs every month,

If you advertise in a posh area or a high-profile location, you can easily earn up to 10 lakhs in a month. According to this, your one-year turnover will reach crores.

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