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Insurance Claim: If you have been troubled by insurance companies, then complain about them like this

Insurance Claim Process In Hindi: To protect their families, today everyone purchases life and health insurance. This can save you from a huge loan in case of a life emergency or from losing your savings in one fell swoop. If you are taking any insurance, then you should have complete information about it. Otherwise, you will have to face a lot of trouble later.

What is the reason

The main justification for this news will be revealed to you shortly. The reason for this, according to media reports, is that insurance ombudsmen were able to address a total of 40,527 client complaints in the years 2021–2022. Prior to that, in 2020–21, 30,596 complaints were resolved. This data shows that there are complaints against any product or company when there are some flaws in its policy or service and their customers are not satisfied with them. This indicates that there will be more complaints overall.

This is trouble

When making a claim under your policy, you frequently can’t collect the insurance money from the firm in a timely manner. The company does not provide you with a proper response. In such a situation, the policyholder or his nominee has to face a lot of problems. They do not understand where to complain about their case. There is no need to be alarmed if this has also happened to you. You can complain about this matter.

Complain here

Every insurance company has a grievance redressal officer. First of all, you should complain about your case to that officer, so that no one can object if the complaint is not received from the company. You can file a complaint by writing to the insurance provider or by going in person to the office closest to you. Most of the grievances are redressed at the company level. If there is still no hearing, there are numerous alternative options.

Complain to IRDAI 

If the problem is not resolved within 15 days of complaining to the insurance company, you can complain by going to IRDAI. For this, you can register your complaint using IGMS on the online portal of IRDAI or by sending an email to Apart from this, you can also complain by calling IRDA’s toll-free number.

Complain to the Insurance Ombudsman

If your problem is not resolved by IRDAI, you have the right to complain to the Insurance Ombudsman. There are 17 Insurance Ombudsman throughout the entire nation. You can complain to your city’s insurance ombudsman about the insurance provider. You must fill out and submit Forms P-II and P-III when bringing a complaint to this office.

Complaint in hard copy 

You can file a complaint by visiting the office of the Insurance Ombudsman. The insurance company’s branch office or the website both have information about these offices. In addition, you can send a letter of complaint. After e-mail, a hard copy of the complaint along with relevant documents will also have to be sent to the office.

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