Saturday, January 28, 2023

PF Account: EPFO ​​issued alert before new year! Refused to deposit money in this way

PF Account: The government is running a number of programs for the benefit of the populace. Through these programs, the government hopes to improve the well-being of the populace. Along with this, the government also encourages people to save. The government has been operating a number of programs in this order for many years. One of them is the EPF program. The Central Government is running this program for those who are employed. However, now many thugs are also cheating people in the name of this scheme.

Actually, fraudsters are used to defraud people under the guise of numerous government programs. On the other hand, thugs bring people under their trap in such a way that they become victims of fraud and also get their financial losses done. At the same time, EPFO has issued a warning to avoid any kind of financial loss.

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In the past also many such cases have been seen in which thugs are carrying out incidents of cheating people in the name of EPFO. For which now EPFO has alerted the people and asked them to beware of these thugs. Along with this, sending the wrongly sought amount has also been banned.

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It has been said by tweeting on behalf of EPFO that EPFO never asks for personal information like Aadhaar, PAN, UAN, bank account or OTP, etc. through phone, social media, WhatsApp, and other channels from its members. EPFO never requests a deposit for any service via social media, WhatsApp, or other similar platforms.

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