Saturday, January 28, 2023

Your favorite Luna will run again, this time it will be launched in electric model

The popular moped Kinetic Luna was introduced in the Indian two-wheeler market 50 years ago and now it is all set to make a comeback. But this time you will get to see the electric avatar of Luna. In fact, Kinetic Engineering Limited (KEL), the company that made Kinetic Luna, announced that the company is now going to introduce its electric model. Most importantly, the production of Luna’s electric chassis and other assemblies has begun. According to the company, this zero-emission vehicle will be launched soon. In addition, the all-new Kinetic Luna will be sold through Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions. All these things have been disclosed by the producer himself.

  • Kinetic Luna was introduced 50 years ago.
  • Its production has also started in the electric avatar.
  • This e-moped can be introduced next year.

5,000 units will be made every month

It is being told that this time all-electric powertrain will be given in Kinetic Luna. going. Apart from this, the company also claims that initially, the manufacturing capacity of the production line will be 5,000 units per month. At the same time, this electric moped will be manufactured in a dedicated production line in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

More than 2000 units were sold every day

Remind you that about 50 years ago i.e. in the year 1972, Kinetic Luna was first introduced in the Indian market. Within days of its launch, the Luna became so popular that more than 2,000 units were being sold every day.

Come on my Luna

It is noteworthy that when this moped was introduced in the Indian market, the company used a jingle for its advertisement, “Chal Meri Luna”, which also became quite famous.

KEL has said in its regulatory filing that the e-Luna will aim to cater to all segments with its offerings, with a growing electric vehicle market in India and a preference for heavy-duty vehicles. Upon launch, the e-Luna will target the commuter segment in the lower-end markets and the load carrier category as an all-electric last-mile mobility solution.

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