Monday, December 11, 2023

These 9 cars will not let you worry about petrol, give mileage up to 28KM;

Most Fuel-Efficient Cars Of 2022: The year 2022 is almost over. Only a few days are left for the month of December to come. In such a situation, many people would be looking back and seeing how the year 2022 has been. If seen from the perspective of the auto industry, this year has been very good and if seen from the perspective of such customers who were looking for high-mileage cars, then the year 2022 has also been very good for them. Many such cars have been launched this year, which give a mileage of more than 20KM on petrol. Such cars have also been launched, whose mileage is up to 28 km.

9 cars with mileage above 20KM (launched in 2022)

– Maruti Grand Vitara (Strong Hybrid) – 27.97

kmpl — Toyota HiRider (Comfortable Hybrid) – 27.97 kmpl
– Honda City Hybrid – 26.5
kmpl — Maruti Alto K10 – 24.90 kmpl
– Maruti Baleno (Petrol AMT) – 22.94
kmpl — Kia Karens (Diesel MT) – 21.3
kmpl — Maruti Brezza (Petrol MT) – 20.15
kmpl – Toyota Innova Highcross (Comfortable Hybrid) – 21.1 kmpl
– Maruti XL6 (Petrol MT) – 20.97 kmpl

The cheapest car among these is Maruti Alto K10, its starting price is just Rs 3.99 lakh. Maruti Suzuki used to sell the Alto K10 earlier as well but it was discontinued. Now in the year 2022, Alto K10 has been brought in a new avatar. It now has a lot of new features. The car also has audio controls positioned on the steering wheel.

The most fuel-efficient cars are the Maruti Grand Vitara (Strong Hybrid) and Toyota Hayrider (Strong Hybrid). Both are fuel efficient as both use the same technology, that of Toyota. Through their relationship, the two businesses have shared technology.

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