Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Tata and Maruti won the game by playing behind Mahindra’s back!

After almost three years, the Auto Expo is being planned. The Auto Expo 2023 will feature a large number of automakers, however Mahindra is one of the companies that will be absent from the exhibition. Mahindra has stayed away from the 2023 Auto Expo. Mahindra’s absence from the 2023 Auto Expo has already been confirmed. But now that Mahindra isn’t at the party, Tata and Maruti names have completely taken over. The Tata Motors pavilion at the 2023 Auto Expo will be the largest.

Tata and Maruti
20 automobiles were presented by Tata Motors.

About 20 automobiles were introduced by Tata Motors (passenger and commercial). These include trucks, minibuses, electric and CNG vehicles, and automobiles. When it comes to the new automobiles from Tata, the electric versions of the Harrier SUV (Concept), Sierra EV, Curve (which will be available in both EV and ICE versions), Avinya Concept, Punch CNG, and Altroz CNG have all been displayed. The focus of attention among them was Sierra and Harrier EV. While Harrier Electric might debut in 2019, Sierra is anticipated to be available by 2025.

Tata and Maruti

Three SUVs were released by Maruti Suzuki.

In addition to Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki has garnered favourable press in this case. On January 11, the opening day of the Auto Expo, Maruti Suzuki unveiled the eVX, an electric concept car that is anticipated to go on sale by 2025. Maruti Suzuki’s first electric vehicle will be this one. Following this, on the second day of the Auto Expo, Maruti Suzuki unveiled two SUVs: the Franks, a coupe-style SUV based on the Baleno, and the Jimny 5-door variant.

Tata and MarutiIf Mahindra didn’t come, there was no discussion either.

Mahindra has opted not to attend Auto Expo 2023, therefore there is currently no special discussion about it, despite Mahindra’s active preparation for electric vehicles. Mahindra unveiled 5 electric vehicles last year (in Europe), and they will go on sale in the next few years. These cars appeared to be incredibly technologically advanced, both in terms of appearance and features. Even if Mahindra had merely unveiled those vehicles here, it would have garnered the majority of media attention.

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