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This scheme of 200 rupees will provide a monthly pension of 50 thousand, invest in this government scheme today itself

NPS Scheme India: The pension system has been abolished in many jobs. In such a situation, the concern of securing the future always remains. If you want that you do not have any kind of problem in the future and even after retirement, some monthly salary or pension continues to come in your account, then start investing from today itself. Investing in government schemes is very easy and it is also very safe. One such scheme is being told here in which if you invest Rs 200 daily. You will get 50 thousand rupees every month after the completion of the plan period.

Which is this government scheme?

There are many schemes run by the government for employed people, in which you get good returns on long-term investment. There is a government scheme called National Pension System (NPS) in which you can invest. In the National Pension System, money has to be deposited for a long period. In this government scheme, if you put in 6000 rupees every month at the rate of 200 rupees per day, then after 60 years you will get 50,000 rupees per month. Under this plan, there are two different sorts of accounts: NPS Tier 1 and NPS Tier 2. Those without PF deposits can start a Tier 1 account by making a deposit of Rs 500.

This is how you will get Rs 50,000

If you are 24 years old, this program will help you the most. If you open an NPS account at the age of 24 and have to invest Rs 6000 every month in it. In this you will have to deposit money till the age of 60 years i.e. you will have to keep depositing money in it for about 36 years. After this, the amount becomes Rs 2,55,2000. If a 10% return is assumed on your deposit, then its total corpus value becomes Rs 2,54,50,906. If you buy an NPS annuity with 40% of your maturity income, then Rs 1,01,80,362 will be deposited in your account. If a 10% return is assumed on this, then the total deposit amount in your account will be around 1,52,70,000. When you complete 36 years, NPS will give you Rs 50,000 every month as a pension.

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