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These foreign players careers were short-lived in IPL ending in few matches

Season 16 of IPL is scheduled to start on the 31st of March. In this league, each year, the most talented players in the world take to the field to participate. In these leagues, athletes leave an impact across the world. Today, we’ll talk about four players who were part of the league, however, only a few people are aware of the players.


Michael Klinger,

a big name in Australian domestic cricket. He played during the IPL for the Kochi Tuskers Kerala in 2011, however, very few people are aware of him.


Klinger recorded a total of 773 runs in IPL

in the four games during the season. He scored an average of 18.25 and an average strike rate of 94.81. Following this performance, Klinger was not part of the IPL.


Trinidad and Tobago opener Adrian Barath

has also played in the IPL. Adrian played in 2010, playing for Kings XI Punjab. In the course of this season, Adrian scored 42 runs over three games at an average of 21.33. This was his highest score. In the following season, he did not get the chance to play in the IPL.


Graham Napier joined Mumbai Indians in IPL 2009.

Graham Napier made headlines after scoring the 152-run mark in just 58 balls for Essex but only played in one game during the IPL. In this game, Napier scored only 15 runs in 16 balls and one four.


Lee Carseldine played for Rajasthan Royals in IPL 2009. 

In 2009, when Pakistani players were disqualified from IPL. He was included as a replacement. He played as an all-rounder. Carseldine scored a total of 81 in five matches with an average of 20.25 and an average strike percentage that was 119.12 as well as taking one wicket. But, following this season Carseldine was never an official player in the tournament.

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