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Prior to IPL, these players raised tensions in the teams might not even win title!

The most prestigious cricket league in the world, i.e. IPL (Indian Premier League) will begin in about two weeks. In this scenario, every franchisee is testing their teams. The players from the teams are all participating in the practice sessions. In general, teams have begun to prepare fervently in advance of the event. In the meantime, a huge tension has developed because the match-winning players of a variety of teams have been excluded from this IPL season due to injuries. Do the dreams that the IPL title will be won by the team be lost in the event that these players don’t participate? Here are the names of the big players who will miss the IPL.


Jasprit Bumrah

who was the best bowler for the five-time IPL champions Mumbai Indians, will not take part in the IPL. Bumrah has decided to quit cricket for approximately six months. He won’t be playing in the IPL because of an injury to his back. He has played 120 games in IPL and has 145 wickets.


Rishabh Pant

is the captain of the Delhi Capitals team. He was in a car crash that was horrific following which he took an extended time to heal. This year, he won’t be able to captain the team in the IPL. Rishabh Pant is a player who has participated in 98 games in IPL where he has 2838 runs.


In the past, all-rounder Ben Stokes

was going to be a part of Chennai Super Kings but now Ben Stokes is not able to take part in IPL due to a knee injury. Stokes has played 43 games as an all-rounder, where he scored 920 runs with his bat, and took 28 wickets bowling. Stokes also has two centuries.


Shreyas Iyer

was injured during the India-Australia Test series and will not be taking part in the IPL. Kolkata Knight Riders captain Iyer has also ruled off the ODI series because of a back injury. Iyer has played 101 games where he scored 2776 runs.


Johnny Bairstow

plays for Punjab Kings however this year Bairstow will also not be able to take part because of an injury. Bairstow has played 39 games. In which he has scored 1291 runs. He also scored one century.

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