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Avoid feeling weak during Chaitra Navratri fast, start eating these foods right away

Chaitra Navratri is an important celebration of Hinduism in India that is celebrated for the very first Navratri (Chaitra Navratri) annual festival. The festival begins on the beginning day of Chaitra month and runs over nine consecutive days. The Chaitra Navratri begins on the 22nd of March and will be over at the end of March. Many of the devotees are expected to observe a fast throughout the nine days. Certain devotees fast and eat fruit, while others observe an all-water-free fast throughout the day. The longer the fast the longer it is expected to impact the health and energy of devotees. If you’re contemplating a fast for all 9 days of Navratri and beyond, you should incorporate some food items into your diet so that you do not be weak throughout the fast and stay active.

Chaitra Navratri

1. Prior to fasting,

you should take particular attention to the proper quantity of carbohydrates, protein, and vitamin supplements in accordance with your body.

2. Consume water-rich fruit

(papaya or melon and so on.) every day in your diet. This is because you will have plenty of fluids in your body. This means that you will stay well-hydrated.

3. It is vital to maintain your immune system

when fasting, particularly when cases of N3H2 have been increasing quickly in the country. Include dried fruits (almonds and walnuts,) within your daily diet.

Chaitra Navratri

4. Reduce your intake

of sugar, salt or flour, oil, etc. in your diet. These substances cause health issues for your body, which makes people feel weak.

5. Make lemons and kiwis your diet. 

This will ensure that the electrolytic balance of your body is in balance and you’ll be well-hydrated.

6. It is a good idea to regularly eat jaggery every day. Iron is abundant in it, and keeps you full of energy during your fast.

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