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Car waiting time is a scam! Customers are easily drawn into the scam! find how

There is a longer waiting time offered on cars. Some car even has waiting times that can be as long as one and one-half years. This means that if you make a reservation now, you can expect the delivery in one and one-half years. Many complain about why delivery takes this long. What should they do? They’ll need to wait until after the company provides the delivery. But, have you considered that there’s nothing fraudulent taking place in the name of the waiting time? Let’s take a look at the details.

CarThe waiting time can be a lucrative business opportunity

for car manufacturers who want to market their products. When someone is able to see a waiting time of four months, six months, eight months 10 months, or 2 years for a car it is likely that the vehicle is very popular and has gained a lot of popularity. You’ll feel there is a huge demand for the car, and many buyers are purchasing it. If this is the case you might also think about purchasing it since you’ll think that if there are so many buyers of this vehicle, the car has to be of good quality. The automobile makers reap the benefits from this. Because of this, reservations increase even more. Some dealers mention the time it takes to wait for the cars in big font.


Delivery Fraud!

Dealerships sometimes are also able to profit from the long waiting times. It is likely that you’ll remember that following the release of the popular SUVs such as Mahindra XUV700 and Mahindra Thar, their waiting period was long which dealers took advantage of. To ensure that they could get an early delivery, a higher amount was taken from customers. Due to the long wait time, the customers were urged to purchase the most expensive variant and were informed that delivery of the top variant would be speedy. Because of this, the person who was choosing the lower version by spending less money was shifted to the top model with a higher price. This benefitted both the dealer as well as the business.


Supply chain

However, that’s not only about it. The supply chain is also affected in the past which has affected the production and supply of automobiles. Supply chain disruptions have been affected by the onset of the Coronavirus in 2020. Also, there was an insufficient supply of semiconductors. This has impacted the production of cars, however, the demand for cars remained high. Because of this, the waiting time has increased.

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