Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Apple users can now download Third-party apps immediately!

Apple has traditionally had a tight policy regarding its App Store. Applications that don’t adhere to their rules have no place here. Only those that adhere to iOS’s rules will be given a spot in the App Store. But the release of iOS 17 may soon change this. Industry insider Mark Gurman claims that iOS 17 would enable iPhone users to sideload third-party apps and get programs from sources other than the App Store.


Developers would be able to escape the 15 to 30 percent

the fee that Apple presently levies for in-app exchanges and purchasable apps for the first year, which may have a significant influence on the app industry.


As developers will have the opportunity to

distribute their apps outside of Apple’s ecosystem thanks to sideloading programs and third-party app stores, paying these fees might not be advantageous for any business plan.


Gurman predicts that Apple’s stance on third-party applications

will change with the release of iOS 17. By 2024, he said, Apple intends to abolish its prohibitions on sideloading apps, with iOS 17 serving as the starting point.

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