Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Paytm users may now pay for airport parking in India using FASTag!

Airport parking lots now provide the convenience of Paytm FASTag for commuters to use to pay parking fees. Initially only used to pay for tolls on highways, FASTag now allows users to smoothly enter and exit a few airport parking lots in India without having to hand over cash.


A significant notification concerning Patna Airport’s allowed

parking by the Airport Authority of India (AAI) was made by Paytm Payments Bank. The payments app has included a new function that enables users to pay for parking their cars using the FASTag system. The parking management service provider ASN and PPBL have joined forces to successfully deploy this solution. The collaboration’s main goal is to address the issue of frequent congestion and lengthy lines.


Prior to now, Patna Airport car owners had to deal

with the nuisance of paying cash to park their vehicles. But now that PPBL has a new service available, this procedure is much more practical. Customers can now pay for their parking fees conveniently without having to use cash thanks to FASTag. By removing the burden of carrying physical currency, this invention is intended to improve people’s travel experiences.


In order to address the issue of congestion in airport parking lots,

PPBL has partnered with ASN, the provider of parking management services. They hope to cut waiting times and streamline the payment process by working together. When FASTag payments are used at Patna Airport, car owners will benefit from the faster entrance and leave procedures without having to stand in large lines for payment.


This payment method’s technology is based on FASTag,

an electronic toll-collecting system that has gained popularity in India. FASTags are renowned for their simple onboarding procedures that require little paperwork, fast activation, and first-rate customer service. Visitors and travelers can use designated lanes created just for FASTag users because Patna Airport accepts FASTag for parking fees. The appropriate parking fees are automatically deducted from the user’s Paytm wallet or the linked account connected to their FASTag when the car approaches the entry or departure points and an RFID sticker is read by a sensor.


Paytm Payments Bank’s Managing Director and CEO,

Surinder Chawla expressed his enthusiasm for this recent development. He stressed how PPBL is the biggest FASTag issuer in the nation and how they are dedicated to facilitating hassle-free travel by enabling automatic toll and parking deductions from users’ Paytm Wallets. Chawla thinks that the collaboration at Patna Airport will considerably increase how people enter and leave, ultimately promoting greater urban mobility.

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