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Why do some people feels extreme thirst? These diseases could be the cause

The current heatwave is causing havoc throughout India, thus the easiest and most affordable strategy to prevent dehydration is to drink regular water. No matter how much the body sweats or feels heated, half to a litre of water will suffice to relieve the thirst. However, there are situations when the thirst is not satisfied despite drinking enough water.thirst

Why do some people seem thirstier than others?

You’ve probably seen that many people drink a lot of water or cold juices and soft drinks to relieve their thirst, but even thereafter, their throats continue to feel dry. This scenario should not be treated lightly. Because it’s risky, take it. Tell us what might be the cause of this.thirst

1. Dehydration

Drinking one or two glasses of water won’t satisfy the thirst if the body is already severely dehydrated; instead, it will continue to sop the throat gradually.thirst

2. Dry Mouth

Many people do not produce enough saliva in their mouths, which causes their mouths to feel dry and their thirst to persist despite repeated water consumption.thirst

3. Diabetes can be the cause of extreme thirst

This particular illness has been referred to as the cause of numerous illnesses. The intense thirst that diabetic people experience is one of their main issues.thirst

4. Eating Customs

It will inevitably become dehydrated if you consume junk food or too much chilli and spicy cuisine.thirst

5. Anaemia may be the reason of more thirst

Anaemia, a condition in which the body lacks enough red blood cells, is characterised by a lack of blood. This condition explains why, after repeatedly drinking water, a person’s thirst persists.

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