Thursday, June 20, 2024

New SIM card rule! government created this strategy to combat online fraud

Online fraud is a significant issue. This makes use of a SIM card. The number of SIM cards would be limited, according to the government. Nine SIM cards have so far been supplied on one ID. However, the government intends to limit the number of SIM cards that can be used on a single ID from nine to four. This action will support the fight against online fraud. It will be more difficult for fraudsters to obtain many SIM cards on the same ID and exploit them for online fraud as a result.


Guidelines for four SIM cards per ID

NBT said that the instructions to limit the number of SIM cards to four on one ID had been approved by Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnav, citing the report that had leaked. The whole public will soon have access to these rules. In addition, the government intends to fully digitize the procedure for client verification. This will aid in the reduction of fraud.


Sim milenge kitne?

You may now check how many SIM cards can be given on your ID with a new government service. The Sanchar Saathi portal offers this feature. You can find out and block a fraudulent SIM if you believe one has been issued on your number by going to the Sanchar Saathi portal. The purpose of this feature is to safeguard people from internet fraud. The ability to block any fraudulent SIM cards issued would let users learn how many SIM cards have been issued in their name.


AI will eliminate fraud calls.

The government is taking action to halt robocalls and fraudulent calling. This includes assisting telecom providers with the installation of AI filters. Unknown calls and messages can be spotted by AI filters and blocked. This move is a good one. This will aid in preventing telemarketing scams and unsolicited calls. The government anticipates that these actions will result in fewer telemarketers and unsolicited calls. People will feel more secure and at ease as a result of this.

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