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Want to reduce your weight by consuming green tea? But it can harm your body

We enjoy drinking green tea because of its Ayurvedic benefits, and people who want to reduce weight especially need to drink it. It is without a doubt a nutritious beverage, but if it is consumed in excess, it could be harmful. It should not be consumed in excess of two cups per day as doing so will not be beneficial.

Negative effects of excessive consumption of green tea

1. Insufficient sleep

We are suggested to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night, but if you consume more than 2 cups of this tea each day, you may experience sleep deprivation and get agitated as a result.

2. Green tea can cause Stomach issues

Drinking green tea in excess is bad for our stomachs and can lead to issues like indigestion, gas and vomiting.

green tea

3. Skin Issues

Our skin might be harmed by excessive green tea consumption. Because the components in this drink have the potential to cause skin issues including eczema and itching.

4. A lack of vigour

People who consume too much of it frequently experience exhaustion and low energy; in this case, you need to change this tea

5. A vitamin and mineral deficiency

A vitamin and mineral shortage brought on by excessive tea consumption may have negative effects on one’s health.

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