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These 5 tips will lower your summer AC costs! you can save huge money

As April progresses, the summer season has officially begun nationwide. Air conditioning works well at this time of year to keep you cool. However, since most people use air conditioning, the AC costs also rise when the temperature rises. People would pay more for electricity as a result of this. What if we told you that utilizing air conditioning can also help you save money on your electricity bill? We’re going to provide you with some advice that will help you cut your AC costs.

AC costs

A common misconception

is that the room would cool down faster when the AC is set to the lowest setting. But this is untrue, and it is also not economical. The ideal temperature, according to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, is 24 degrees Celsius. Also, if the temperature is reduced by one degree, the electricity bill increases by 6%. Therefore, keep the AC temperature between 20-24 degrees. This will keep the room cool and the electricity bill will also reduce.

AC costs

The AC has a filter that keeps dust out.

The AC will need to work harder to generate cold air if this filter is clogged, which will result in higher electricity costs. As a result, get the AC serviced at least once or twice a year and clean the filter every month. You’ll save money by doing this.

AC costsRemember that

cold air does not exit the room when operating the air conditioner. Keep the room’s windows and doors closed for this. Additionally, you can have a closer installed on the door, which will cause it to close on its own when it opens. With this, you can use the AC to cool your room for an extended period by turning it off once you’ve used it. By doing this, you will not have to run the AC continuously and your electricity bill will be saved.

AC costs

A fan is someone’s close buddy.

The chilly air spreads across the room as a result of the fan’s increased air circulation. After the room cools down, you can turn on the air conditioning before turning on the fan. As a result, less electricity is used and the AC needs to work harder.

AC costsWhen you go to bed at night,

you can use a timer to set the air conditioner to turn off automatically in one to two hours, saving money on your electricity bill. Because of this, electricity will be conserved and the air conditioner won’t run all night. Additionally, instead of running the air conditioner nonstop throughout the day, create a timer and turn it off periodically.

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