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Fridge uses a lot of electricity do this to cut electricity cost in half!

The refrigerator is a crucial household device, but it also uses a lot of electricity. In India, refrigerators use almost 15% of the country’s electricity. It is crucial to operate it effectively in such a circumstance. The first thing you can do is get a refrigerator with a BEE 5-star rating. Refrigerators with a BEE 5-star certification are more energy-efficient than refrigerators with lower ratings, which results in lower electricity usage.


The refrigerator has to have cold air flowing through it to stay cool.

It is challenging for cold air to enter a refrigerator that is overstuffed. As a result, the fridge needs to work harder, which increases electricity use.


Avoid storing hot items in the refrigerator,

and keep it periodically cleaned. This will increase the refrigerator’s effectiveness while using less electricity.


Hot air enters the refrigerator when the door is opened.

As a result, the fridge needs to work harder, which increases electricity use.


The refrigerator has to work harder when the temperature is kept high.

Consumption of electricity rises as a result. The fridge may be kept cool and use less electricity by being kept at a medium temperature.


Items that are liquid and kept in the fridge release moisture.

The condenser’s effectiveness may be impacted by the moisture that gathers on the top of the unit. The condenser aids in cooling down the fridge. As a result, covering liquid goods can reduce the spread of moisture and enhance condenser efficiency.

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