Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Apple gives a warning to iPhone 15 users warning! don’t use the charger

The iPhone 15 series, which Apple just released, now supports Type-C charging. This is a significant adjustment since it enables iPhone customers to ditch their proprietary Lightning cords and make use of the universal charging port found on all Apple products. However, a fresh issue seems to be arising in the middle of this transformation. Some iPhone customers have claimed that their iPhone 15 overheats when they try to charge it with an Android charger.


Many users have reported overheating difficulties

with the iPhone 15 series since its release. According to some reports, the phone gets so hot while charging that it must not be touched. Apple Stores in China have warned customers not to charge their iPhone 15s with Android USB-C chargers. This recommendation is made since it’s possible that the Android charger won’t supply enough power to the iPhone 15 to prevent overheating.


Advice given in the Apple Store in China

Customers are cautioned not to use Android USB-C cords to charge the iPhone 15 at an Apple Store in Foshan, Guangdong. This, according to store personnel, is due to the possibility of overheating. The iPhone 15 and Android USB-C cables have distinct pin configurations, which is one way they diverge. In contrast to the iPhone 15, which has a single-row 11-pin connector, the Android cable has a single-row 9-pin connector. Because of this distinction, store personnel think that the iPhone 15 may have overheated because the power supplied via Android cords may not have been sufficient.



genuinely reflects device security problems or whether it is part of Apple’s effort to boost sales; Apple has not issued any official statements on the matter. Some individuals consider this warning to be a legitimate worry for device security.

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