Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Two colour options for the Apple iPhone 16 Pro! two images leaked on X

Even though the new Apple iPhone won’t be released for some months, there have been a lot of news and rumors regarding the future iPhone 16 series that have been making the rounds online. Two new color options for the next iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max are reportedly going to be available, according to a recent leak. The new Apple iPhone 16 Pro models might be available in “Desert Titanium” and “Titanium Grey” hues, according to leaker Majin Bu.

AppleBu wrote on X about

these two brand-new hues. He said in the post that while “Titanium Grey” is similar to space grey, “Desert Titanium” is like gold. Bu stated, “There might be new colors for the iPhone 16 Pro based on the information I have received.” Titanium in Desert Yellow: This will have a gold color that is ‘heavier’ and darker than the Apple iPhone 14 Pro’s. Cement Grey, sometimes known as Titanium Grey, is a shade of grey that resembles the space grey found on the iPhone 6. Additionally, he stated, “I do not discuss other colors because there is a discussion about them even though they may not exist.” Please be aware that this is only a rumor and may not be entirely accurate.


As you are aware,

Apple typically offers four color options for its Pro models. It features a vivid color in addition to traditional hues like gold, white, and black. If this rumor is accurate, Apple might offer two additional color options in addition to the black titanium and white titanium color options found in the previous iPhone 15 Pro series in its upcoming iPhone 16 Pro models.


The iPhone 15 Pro’s colour options are:

Black Titanium
White Titanium
Blue Titanium
Natural Titanium

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