Monday, February 26, 2024

Offer on Apple iPhone 14 even after diwali! you’ll be shocked after knowing

Now that Diwali is past, there is still a great deal on the iPhone 14 of Apple. Flipkart’s Diwali Dhamaka Sale has begun and will run from November 12 to November 15. This offer is intended mostly for those who were unable to shop prior to Diwali. During this sale, they can get items for really reduced costs. During this event, the iPhone 14 is available at extremely low prices.


Apple’s iPhone 14 Deals

The Apple iPhone 14 is priced at Rs 69,900, yet it is only available for Rs 57,999 on Flipkart. It implies that a whole discount of Rs 11,901 is being provided. Following this, there are numerous exchange and bank offers, lowering the cost of the phone.


Bank Offer for Apple iPhone 14

The price of the Apple iPhone 14 will drop to Rs 54,498 if you use your Flipkart Access Credit Card to purchase it, giving you a savings of Rs 3,501. There is also an exchange offer that follows.


Exchange Offer for Apple iPhone 14

If you trade in your old smartphone for an Apple iPhone 14, you can receive an exchange offer of Rs 42,000. However, only if your phone is in good working order and is the newest model will you be eligible for the full exchange discount of Rs 42,000. The phone will cost Rs 12,498 if you are fortunate enough to get it completely off.

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