Thursday, June 20, 2024

Whatsapp to launch new feature for large file sharing easily

The new function that WhatsApp is developing would allow users to transfer huge files with devices that are close to them. This will resemble Apple’s AirDrop feature and Google’s Nearby Share. It is anticipated that WhatsApp will introduce this feature even more easily. Enormous file sharing is not currently feasible on WhatsApp, but with the release of this capability, users will be able to transfer enormous files with ease. Allow us to go into further depth regarding this feature.

WhatsappThe Nearby Sharing feature on WhatsApp

Although the WhatsApp Beta for Android version presently has this new function, beta testers are not yet able to test it, so you are unable to use it. The user will be able to transfer files over WhatsApp with devices that are close by thanks to this capability. A new ‘people nearby’ area on WhatsApp has been added, based on the screenshot WABetaInfo supplied.


How is this functionality going to operate?

The screenshot demonstrates that both users must activate this option to share files. Your phone number will stay hidden from non-contacts, and your visibility will be displayed along with your name. To view your share request, the recipient of the file must shake their smartphone and open WhatsApp.


According to WhatsApp,

end-to-end encryption is also used for file sharing. Nevertheless, it has not provided any information regarding the largest file size. It is anticipated that sharing of huge files would be possible with this functionality. Like Google, file sharing might also be feasible without internet access. There is no word on when its file-sharing capability will be accessible to all users; it is presently undergoing testing. It should be visible on the beta platform shortly.

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