Thursday, June 20, 2024

You can get a confirmed train ticket by paying 25% of the total amount!

Several new technology innovations have been introduced by MakeMyTrip to facilitate train travel. To help travelers overcome the challenges they encounter while booking tickets, MakeMyTrip has added several new services. The entire process of confirmed train ticket has been broken down into several steps, and technology has been used to streamline each one. ‘Seat Lock’ is one of these unique characteristics. This is a brand-new option that allows you to get a confirmed train ticket for only 25% of the entire ticket price. The remaining balance must be paid 24 hours before to the trip.

confirmed train ticket‘Connected Travel’ on MakeMyTrip

When purchasing train tickets, another issue is that you might not always receive a confirmed ticket on the day and time of your choosing a direct train. In such a situation, you are left with very few options. MakeMyTrip’s ‘Connected Travel’ feature solves this problem. This feature suggests many routes combining bus and train travel. These suggestions also take into account the layover time and the duration of the entire journey.

confirmed train ticket

The co-founder of MakeMyTrip stated this.

MakeMyTrip’s co-founder and group CEO, Rajesh Magowan, stated, “Our goal at MakeMyTrip is to improve train travel and provide unforgettable experiences for every journey. We have examined the complete train travel experience, including pre-trip planning, selecting the ideal train, purchasing tickets, and everything else. We are dedicated to providing passengers with greater choice, convenience, and comfort with our innovations at every stage of train booking and travel. Our mission is to simplify, expedite, and enjoy rail travel.

confirmed train ticket“Route Extension Support”

‘Route Extension Assistance’ is another newly added feature. Utilizing proprietary technology, MakeMyTrip constructed it. If you are unable to get a seat on the train of your choice, this tool offers suggestions for other routes. For instance, if you can’t find a confirmed ticket from station A to B, this feature can show you a ticket from station A to C on the same train. You can get off at station B as it is on the way. Usually, it is difficult for users to find such routes on their own. Now you do not need to look for the route map and train combination separately.

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