Wednesday, May 31, 2023


Online banking frauds are rising daily despite spreading awareness by the banks through different media channels. These frauds can be avoided to a great extent if the account holder is attentive and aware. ICICI Bank, in an email to its customers, has shared three tips to keep away from banking frauds. The bank has shown three kinds of most common fraudulent messages sent by the scamsters.

Here are the three fake messages and ways to identify them:

Fake message 1 from sender BP-BeanYTM: Your KYC has been successfully updated. You are now eligible for a cashback of ₹1,300. Claim your cashback visit, http://311agtr

ICICI Bank says: KYC does not earn you rewards. This is clearly fake. The link in the fake message above looks fake too.

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Fake Message 2 from sender Y-Cash: Congratulations, your account has been credited with ₹3,30,000. Please fill in your details at to process it.

ICICI Bank says: No company ever offers such high amounts of cash for free and the link in the mease above, looks fake too.

Fake Message 3 from sender Your IT Refund has been initiated. Today is the last day to claim it. Visit http://itr.trn./toref

ICICI Bank says: Note the questionable sender ID. See how they are faking urgency.

The bank asks account holders to read your SMEs carefully and watch out for the indicators mentioned above. It says, ” Never share your details or click on any dubious links. If you are in doubt, visit the website by typing it in your browser. Always refer to phone numbers and email IDs mentioned on bank’s official websites.”



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