Thursday, February 2, 2023

IMA urges Prime Minister Modi to begin covid vaccination for all adults over the age of 18.

In addition, the association urged the Prime Minister to include private sector family clinics in the vaccination campaign.

With India facing its worst pandemic yet, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, recommending that all people over the age of 18 be vaccinated.

“They are now vaccinating people over the age of 45. Given the rapid spread of the disease’s second wave, we believe our vaccination policy should be geared up immediately and put on a war footing. In the Covid Vaccination Drive, we ask for the following suggestions. Covid vaccination will be available to all people over the age of eighteen “According to the IMA.

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The association also urged the Prime Minister to include private sector family clinics, along with private hospitals, in the vaccination campaign, as the provision of vaccination with both doctors and family physicians would help the drive.

The vaccination certificate, according to IMA, should be required for entering public places and purchasing goods from the public distribution system.

According to the IMA, since there is an acute spurt of this disease, a limited duration of continuous lockdown should be enforced as a measure to break the chain as soon as possible, especially for all non-essential areas such as cinema, cultural and religious activities, and sports, among others.

“At this time, zero tolerance for non-compliance with Covid acceptable behaviors, increased infrastructure beds and oxygen availability, moral support and enthusiastic engagements of frontline health workers, ensuring sufficient health care protective gear support, and strict adherence to evidence-based treatment guidelines are the main factors required,” according to the IMA letter.



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