Monday, May 23, 2022

Children will be saved from Corona, take these important tips, know-how the routine is from the expert

The third wave of Covid is being discussed all over the country. Based on all the reports, it is being said that the third wave will prove to be dangerous for children. On Wednesday, doctors on India Today Covid Helpline solved the questions of Covid-19 patients and gave much advice related to children. Dr. GS Jaiya, CMD AIMS2Health also answered the questions of the patients. 

On one question, pediatrician Dr. Sankalp Dudeja said that it is necessary for children to play in order to increase immunity. But for this, it is necessary that you take out the children with full precaution. If the children are going to play outside, then ask them to put on the mask. 

Dr. Dudeja said that if children go to play in the park, then keep in mind that they should go in the morning when people are negligible. Apart from this, children can play games such as solo play as running and rope jumping. If they belong to the age group of ten to 12 years, then they can play badminton, etc. with social distancing. 

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In addition to increasing the immunity of children, it is necessary to teach them sanitation, so that they will be protected from bacteria-borne diseases. After coming from outside, children should always wash their hands and give them something to eat. Add this habit to them that they must wash hands before eating anything. Often, viruses and bacteria reach the child’s body through hands.  

If there are two children in the house, then they can play such games among themselves in which their energy is used more and more. Instead of playing video games or games like Ludo, encourage children to play activity-based games, this keeps them all active from digestion to issues. 

IHBAS psychiatrist Dr. Omprakash says that in the Corona era when children are imprisoned in homes, negative news is also coming on them everywhere, so the problem of stress is also seen in them. Children also live under different mental pressure due to stress. So try to avoid talking negatively in front of children. Only talk lightly to them and make their routine so that children do not think of themselves as alone.

Good food increase the immunity of children, which includes a nutritious diet such as vitamins, minerals, and calcium. But with this, good sleep is also necessary for children. Waking up late in the night also results in immunity loss. That’s why pediatricians say that children should get at least 9 hours of sleep.  



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