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Today, May 24, 2021, the Price of Petrol in Mumbai rises by around Rs 100, making Rs 22 more expensive in a year.

Price of Petrol on May 24, 2024 Update: The country’s gasoline and fuel prices are breaking daily inflation records. There has been no rise in the price of gasoline or diesel today, following the hike on Sunday. Despite the fact that petrol in Mumbai is close to 100 rupees. In the next 1-2 days, it will also surpass 100 rupees.

Price of Petrol on May 24, 2021 Update: There has been no increase in the price of gasoline or diesel today. Despite the fact that petrol in Delhi has already surpassed the Rs 93 per litre mark for the first time, Mumbai residents will now have to pay around Rs100 for a litre of petrol. It’s worth mentioning that while crude oil stays at $ 65-66 per barrel, gasoline and diesel prices in the country are reaching new all-time highs on a daily basis.

In May, prices increased by a factor of 12!

Petrol and fuel prices jumped for four days in a row starting on May 4, after remaining stable for the first 18 days due to elections. In May, the price of gasoline and diesel increased by 12 times. In Delhi, petrol prices have risen by Rs 2.81 so far this month, while diesel prices have risen by Rs 3.34.

In March and April, gasoline and diesel became less expensive.

On April 15, the general public received some relief from the high cost of gasoline and diesel. In April and March, the price of gasoline and diesel was reduced three times. Prior to April 15, the most recent change in gasoline and diesel prices occurred on March 30, 2021.Then, in Delhi, petrol was 22 paise cheaper and diesel was 23 paise cheaper. In March, petrol prices were decreased by 61 paise, and diesel prices were cut by 60 paise. The weakening of crude oil on the worldwide market was the main reason for the three-fold reduction in gasoline and diesel prices in March.

The price of petrol is Rs 104.

Petrol in Delhi is now selling for Rs 93.21 per litre. Other cities, such as Mumbai, have petrol prices of Rs 99.49 while Kolkata has petrol prices of Rs 93.27. Petrol is now selling at Rs 94.86 in Chennai. In Sriganganagar, Rajasthan, the price of petrol has risen to Rs 104.18 a litre.

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Prices of gasoline in four major cities

The city Today’s Rate Delhi Tomorrow’s Rate

Delhi 93.21 93.21

Mumbai 99.499 99.49

Kolkata 93.27 93.27

Chennai 94.86 94.86

In 2021, there will be a petrol and diesel fire.

In May, the price of gasoline and diesel increased by a factor of 12 times. The price of gasoline and diesel was raised 16 times in February. Rates were raised ten times earlier in January. During this time, the price of petrol went up by Rs 2.59 and the price of diesel went up by Rs 2.61. Oil prices have been raised 38 times so far in the year 2021. Petrol has increased in price by Rs 9.50 per litre throughout this time. Petrol was Rs 83.71 a litre on January 1, and it is now Rs 93.21 per litre. Similarly, diesel has increased in price by Rs 10.20 a litre since January 1. The price of fuel in Delhi was Rs 73.87 a litre on January 1, and it is now Rs 84.07.

In a year’s time, petrol costs Rs 22 more.

When comparing today’s prices to rates exactly one year ago, the rate of fuel in Delhi on 24 May 2020 was Rs 71.26 per litre, implying that petrol has gotten more costly by Rs 21.95 per litre over the year. On May 24, 2020, fuel was also Rs 69.39 a litre, implying that diesel had increased in price by Rs 14.68 per litre in a year.

After gasoline, let’s have a look at today’s diesel costs. The price of diesel in Mumbai has been raised to Rs 91.30. Diesel is priced at Rs 84.07 per litre in Delhi. The price of fuel in Kolkata is Rs 86.91, while the price in Chennai is Rs 88.87.

Both the federal and state governments impose a high tax burden.

The percentage of central excise and state tax in the price of petrol is 60%, whereas it is 54% in the price of diesel. Petrol has a central excise duty of Rs 32.90 per liter, while diesel has a duty of Rs 31.80 per litre. Petrol and diesel prices fluctuate on a daily basis and are determined by benchmark worldwide oil prices and foreign exchange rates.

Check the price of gasoline and diesel in your city for yourself.

You can also get the price of gasoline and diesel by sending an SMS. Indian Oil IOC allows you to write RSP and your city code on your phone and submit it to the number 9224992249. Rates for gasoline and diesel will be sent to your phone as soon as they are available in your city. Each city code is unique, and you may find them on IOC’s website.



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