Wednesday, November 29, 2023

SBI Alert! Now more charge will have to be paid for these services, only 4 times you will be able to withdraw money

SBI recently went said to have issued a new notification to its customers, including the changes in charges to Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (SBI BSBD). These new service charges will come into effect from July 1, 2021, which will be applicable for cash withdrawal, checkbook, money transfer, and other non-financial transactions from ATMs.

Charge will be charged after 4 cash withdrawal

According to the new rules, after 4 times free cash withdrawal, the bank will start charging. This charge will be taken at both the branch and the ATM. To put it simply, the BSBD account holder of the bank will have to pay the service charge to do more than four free cash withdrawals in a month. Customers will have to pay Rs 15 plus GST on cash withdrawal at the branch or ATM.

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Money will have to be paid according to the page on the checkbook

Apart from this, only 10 check leave (check leave) will be given to the account holders in a financial year. After this, 40 rupees will be charged for the checkbook of 10 leaf. Along with this, GST will also be charged from the customer. At the same time, 75 rupees and GST will be charged for the 25 leaf checkbook. However, in case of an emergency checkbook, 50 rupees plus GTS will have to be paid for 10 leaves. But senior citizens will be exempt from new service charges on the checkbook. There will be no charge on non-financial transactions by BSBD account holders at SBI and non-SBI branches.

BSBS account holders get these benefits

Let us tell you that the SBI BSBD account is a basic savings account. Many facilities are easily available on this. Many facilities are available to customers for free. The important feature of this account is that it can be opened by anyone. Any person can open this account by presenting a valid KYC document. Also, the minimum balance in this account can be kept zero. At the same time, there is no limit to deposit the maximum amount. 



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