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Delta variant 40% more dangerous, Britain alerts people who have taken the vaccine

The Delta variant of the coronavirus present in India is now weakening. Because of this, the second wave came into the country. But the whole world is now troubled due to this virus. Because due to this the number of corona infections is not coming down in many countries of the world. In the United Kingdom, the Delta variant was earlier called B.1.617.2. Recently WHO gave names to all the variants. In which this corona variant is being called the Delta variant. This variant was entered in India last year in October 2020.

It is believed that the relief given in the lockdown due to the Delta variant in England can be withdrawn by the end of this month. Because there is a fear that due to the delta variant, there may be a third wave of corona infection. UK Health Minister Matt Hancock said the delta variant is 40 percent more contagious than the alpha variant. This is a matter of concern for the whole of England. People who have received two doses of the vaccine can also come back in the grip of this variant. Or some other variant because they have had a genetic mutation.

The Delta variant has emerged as the most dangerous corona variant in the UK at the moment. Earlier, the Alpha variant, also known as the Kent variant, had led to a lockdown in the UK in January. Matt Hancock said that our scientists have investigated, after that it has been confirmed that the delta variant is 40 percent more infectious than the alpha variant.

Now the question is arising that the UK government is planning to end the lockdown from June 21, but other Corona variants including the Delta variant can ruin it. Matt Hancock said that we may have to keep the ban for a few more days. Because this variant is highly contagious and dangerous. Those who are in its grip are getting sick easily. reaching a critical stage. Due to this variant, the second wave came in India and it has shown a very frightening situation. 

Matt Hancock said in an interview given to the BBC that we will monitor for another week. Will do data analysis. If everything looks right, then the restrictions will be reduced. If there is no reduction in infection due to the delta variant, then the lockdown can be extended. Hancock also said that the delta variant is dangerous even for people who have applied two doses of the corona vaccine. It can also infect them back. 

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Matt Hancock said that Public Health England has done an in-depth study on both the Kent and Delta variants. After which our scientists told us that both these variants can affect people taking both doses of the coronavirus vaccine. The Delta variant is more dangerous in this case. Therefore, even after taking the doses of the vaccine, people will have to follow the safety rules related to corona.

UK Health Minister Matt said that Delta can infect after two doses of the vaccine, but its efficacy will be less. Therefore, it is important that if someone is infected with the delta variant even after vaccination, then immediately he should be brought for the right treatment. The UK has so far given both doses of the corona vaccine to 2.70 crore people. That is, more than half of the population of his country’s population of 40 million has been vaccinated. 

Hancock said that the UK government is currently seeking clinical advice so that the vaccination program can be extended to children up to 12 years of age. Because if children up to this age are vaccinated, then the infectious spread of many variants of the coronavirus will decrease. But it will not be necessary. That’s why our scientists are studying each variant thoroughly. Looking for a way to avoid it.

WHO put the names of these variants on its website on 31 May 2021. So that they can be called according to their horrors. The B.1.1.7 variant found in the United Kingdom in September 2020 has been named Alpha by the World Health Organization. The variant B.1.351, which was found in South Africa in May 2020, has got the label of Beta. The Covid-19 variant P.1 found in Brazil in November 2020 will be called Gamma. Whereas, the variant B.1.617.2 found in India in October 2020 has been named Delta. WHO has placed all these corona variants in the category of VOCs i.e. Variants of Concern.

VOCs are strains of the coronavirus whose infectiousness and dangerous mutations have made many people ill. Changes in clinical disease presentation and a steady increase in virulence are also their hallmarks. These are viruses that have a great impact on testing, vaccines, treatment methods, social and public health systems. That is, because of them, there is a problem in all these anti-corona preparations. 



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