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What happens to the account after the death of a Facebook user? Can someone else use it?

Do you know what will happen to your Facebook account after you die? Many people ask questions about this. Let us tell you about this, Facebook gives an option for this. By using this, the account will be deleted forever after death. 

After the account is deleted, all the photos and other details are removed from the server. That is, the existence of the user is completely eliminated from the social media platform. Not only Facebook, but Google also gives such options, so that all the user’s data is deleted from its servers.

Talking about Facebook, two options are given for this. In this, you can select a legacy contact. It can manage your account after your death. Second, you can directly select to permanently delete the account.  

Before setting up a legacy contact on Facebook, let us tell you that this contact can manage the user’s account after death. The legacy contact will also give the news of the user’s passing. On receiving the request, the social media giant will delete all the saved data of the user.  

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To set this up, the user has to go to Settings and go to Account Settings. Here the Memorialization Settings option will appear. Here you can select the legacy contact. After giving the contact name in it, add it. Once accepted, the legacy context will be set.  

Let us tell you that after the death of the legacy contact, the user can only manage the user’s post, he cannot read the user’s message or make any post. The user can also set his account to be deleted.  

If users do not want legacy contacts, they can request to delete their account on Facebook. To enable this, the user has to click on the Request that your account is deleted after you pass away option. After this a box will come, here select the option of Delete after Death. 

Once set, if someone reports the user’s passing to Facebook, it will delete all photos and data and permanently close the user’s account.  



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