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Aadhaar Virtual ID can be generated from the comfort of your own home, and all of your work will be completed in minutes.

Aadhaar Virtual ID: To complete KYC, use a 16-digit Virtual ID (VID) instead of an Aadhaar number. The most significant benefit of Virtual ID is that it does not disclose much of the user’s data.

Aadhaar Virtual ID: For KYC, an Aadhaar card or number is no longer necessary (Know your customer). The Unique Identification Authority of India’s Virtual ID system can be used (UIDAI). Use a 16-digit Virtual ID (VID) instead of an Aadhaar number to complete KYC. With telecom firms and other service providers, VID can be utilised for KYC. It was started with the goal of protecting user privacy.

There will be no sharing of personal information.

The most significant benefit of Virtual ID is that it does not disclose much of the user’s data. Instead of an Aadhaar number, the service provider will receive a UID token when they share the virtual ID. At the moment of Aadhaar number authentication, you can now merely provide your VID. Aadhaar authentication will be more secure as a result of this. In addition, the service provider has been ordered by UIDAI to give at least the information.

What is Virtual ID, exactly?

Aadhaar A virtual ID is a type of temporary identification number. This is an eighteen-digit number. It will not be incorrect to term it an Aadhaar clone. It will be sparsely detailed. The UIDAI allows users to create a virtual ID for each Aadhaar number. If someone wants to communicate his Aadhaar details to someone, he can use a 16-digit virtual ID instead of the 12-digit number.

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Is there a place where I can get a VID?

The UIDAI portal can be used to create a virtual ID. This is going to be a digital ID. It is possible for an Aadhaar bearer to generate it many times. VID is only valid for one day at the moment. This means that the Aadhaar holder can generate a new virtual Aadhaar ID after a day. It can only be obtained from the UIDAI website.

Create your VID in the same way.

> To generate a VID, go to the UIDAI homepage. 

> Now type in your Aadhar card number. Then, after entering the security code, click SEND OTP.

> OTP will be delivered to the cellphone number associated with your Aadhaar registration. 

> You will be given the opportunity to generate a new VID after inputting the OTP.

> Your Virtual ID will be delivered to your phone after it has been generated. That is, you will receive a 16-digit number.

What will become of Virtual ID?

> At the time of verification, you will have the option of not providing your Aadhaar number.

> Virtual ID will be able to validate a variety of information, including name, address, and photo.

> A user may create as many Virtual IDs as he or she desires. 

> The old ID will be instantly deactivated. 

> Authorized agencies would not be able to generate Virtual ID on behalf of Aadhaar card holders, according to the UIDAI.



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