Thursday, February 2, 2023

Solar Storm can hit the Earth at any time, which will also affect the smartphone and GPS system!

A solar storm moving rapidly towards the Earth can hit the Earth at any time today. Earlier it was predicted to hit the Earth between Sunday and Monday (July 11 to 12). Due to the flames of the Sun, this storm is moving towards the Earth at a speed of more than 1.6 million kilometers per hour.

1.Mobile network will be affected

Scientists fear that due to the collision of this storm with the atmosphere, there may be a lot of movement. This collision can disrupt the satellite signal. It can also have a direct effect on radio signals, communication, and weather. 

2.Air travel will also be affected

Say that these strong winds can bring geomagnetic storms in the Earth’s magnetosphere, which can affect mobiles, GPS, satellite TV, air travel, etc. Not only this, but this storm can also have a significant impact on the space coming in the Earth’s magnetic field. 

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3.Causes of solar storms

A hole has formed in the Sun’s atmosphere, from which charged particles and high-speed solar winds are coming out. This fast-moving storm can knock in some parts of the planet between July 13 and July 14 (Tuesday to Wednesday). The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has said that the speed of these winds running at a speed of 1.6 million kilometers per hour may also increase. 

4.The Great Storm of 1582

According to the report of Spaceweather, the great storm that came in 1582 was seen in the world. At that time people felt that the earth was about to end. Soares, the Portuguese writer of that time, wrote, ‘Only fire was visible in the northern sky for three nights everywhere.’ He further wrote, ‘Every part of the sky seemed as if it had turned into flames. At midnight, rays of terrible fire emerged which were very terrifying and scary.

5.Biggest solar storm in 4 years

Earlier, the National Weather Service’s Space Weather Prediction Center had predicted a G-1-class geomagnetic storm in June. At the same time, the biggest solar storm of 4 years was seen recently, which caused a radio blackout over the Atlantic. 



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