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Aadhaar for NRI: Can NRIs also get their Aadhaar card made? UIDAI told this important rule

Aadhaar Card Latest News: UIDAI has made rules for making Aadhaar for NRI (NRI Aadhaar Card Rule). But they have to submit the Indian passport. UIDAI said that if any service provider needs Aadhaar based verification for an NRI, then for this NRI citizens will have to follow the rules made. 

Aadhar Card for NRI 

UIDAI said that NRIs have to follow certain rules for an Aadhar card. NRIs need an Indian passport to get an Aadhar card. If you have to submit your passport as proof for your spouse, then your spouse’s name should also be written on your passport.

Aadhar card for children of NRIs

1. If an NRI wants to make an Aadhaar card for children, then it will be mandatory for UIDAI to follow these rules.

2. If the child is an NRI then his valid Indian passport is necessary and if the child is an Indian citizen, it is necessary to submit any document for a relationship with the parents.

3. Apart from this, one of the parents has to give approval on behalf of the child.

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Mobile verification

It will be mandatory for you to give the Indian mobile number in the details given for the Aadhaar card to NRI. UIDAI has told that till now the approval of international numbers for Aadhar cards has not been given. Therefore it is necessary for NRIs to have an Indian mobile number.

How to Apply NRI for Aadhar Card

1. To make an Aadhar card for NRI, first of all, visit any Aadhar center.

2. And carry a valid Indian passport with you.

3. Now fill in all the details in the enrollment form.

4. E-mail ID is required to enroll in Aadhaar.

5. Read the enrollment form carefully and sign the declaration.

6. Ask your operator to enroll yourself as an NRI.

7. Give your passport as your identity card.

8. Passport can also serve as your address and date of birth.

9. Complete your biometric process and get the enrollment slip.

10. You will get your Aadhar card within a stipulated time.



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