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Center warned about Corona, states can once again impose restrictions!

New Delhi: Once again the central government has warned the states about Coronavirus. Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan has sent a letter to the Chief Secretaries of the states. The states have been cautioned about the upcoming festive season in the letter. 

Be cautious about these festivals

Through this letter, states have been asked not to allow crowds to gather at these festivals. Keep an eye on the state and get the Covid-19 appropriate behavior to be followed. Suggestions have been made in the letter regarding Muharram on August 19, Onam on August 21 and Janmashtami on August 30, Ganesh Chaturthi on September 10, and Durga Puja from October 5 to 15. 

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‘States can impose restrictions

On behalf of the central government, the states have been told that there is a possibility of a large crowd gathering during these festive seasons. Therefore, the states can impose restrictions at the local level, so that the crowd does not gather. Once, in view of the increasing corona numbers, a slight omission can become a major reason for the spread of infection.



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