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Attention SBI Customers! Less balance in the account will be heavy if the transaction fails from ATM, then penalty will be imposed, avoid like this

SBI ATM Penalty: If you are a customer of SBI, then read this news carefully. Before withdrawing money from ATM, you must check how much money is in your account, because if you try to withdraw more money by mistake then your transaction will fail and the bank will also charge you a penalty for it. 

1.There will be less balance in the account!

Not only SBI, most banks in the country charge a penalty on failed ATM transactions due to the low balance in the account. According to the information available on SBI’s website, if there is no balance in the account, you will have to pay a penalty of Rs 20 on every failed transaction, on which GST will be charged separately. 

2.Keep an eye on the balance like this

However, this is not a new rule. But it is very important for you to take care of it. So that you can avoid unnecessary penalties. Keeping track of your savings account balance is easy, for this you have many options. For example, through SMS, through missed calls, you can first check how much money is in your account. A balance check can be done even before withdrawing cash from ATM. If you use Online SBI, then information can also be taken from there. Apart from this, a balance check can also be done on Google Pay or the PhonePe app. After this, you withdraw money from ATM. 

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3.So many transactions are available for free

According to the information available on SBI’s website, the bank allows 8 free transactions to its regular savings account holders in a month in metro cities. These include 5 SBI ATMs and 3 free transactions from any other bank’s ATM. 10 free ATM transactions are available from non-metro cities, which includes 5 transactions from SBI and 5 from ATMs of other banks.

4.How to complain

According to SBI, many times it happens that the transaction fails from the ATM, but the cash does not come out. So there is no need to panic. All you have to do is to keep the slip taken out of the ATM, go to the SBI website and file a complaint online. It gets resolved within 7 days. 

5.Big rule changed last year too

SBI also changed a rule in September-2020. That was that if you want to withdraw 10 thousand or more money from SBI ATM, then just entering the PIN will not be enough for that. You will also have to enter the One Time Password (OTP) on the mobile number registered with the bank in the ATM, only then the money will be withdrawn. 



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