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Who will get the LPG Cylinder Subsidy now? Government clarifies

If you have any questions regarding the subsidy on the LPG cylinder, then it can be solved very easily. In response to a consumer’s question, the government has also clarified the situation. 

Often questions in the minds of consumers regarding the subsidy on LPG cylinders. Many people complain that subsidy does not come in their account. At the same time, many people feel that the government has abolished the subsidy on gas cylinders. One such customer asked the government through social media, has the subsidy on LPG cylinders been abolished? So it was answered by the government. 

Consumer asked this question

A consumer from Delhi tweeted, ‘We would like to know once again whether the Modi government has abolished subsidy on LPG. Because in the last 18 months, not a single penny of subsidy came in our a/c, whereas on gas agency voucher Rs. Subsidised Cylinder writes with 859.’ This customer named CL Sharma also attached the slip of the gas agency along with the tweet tagging the Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas

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This answer is given by the government

The tweet was replied via Twitter account @MoPNG_eSeva, ‘Note dear customer – the subsidy has not been abolished but at present also the subsidy on domestic LPG gas is in vogue and it varies from market to market. As per the PAHAL (DBTL) Scheme 2014, the amount of subsidy for a market is determined by the difference between the ‘price of subsidised cylinder’ and ‘market-determined price of non-subsidised cylinder’.

When will you get subsidy?

@MoPNG_eSeva wrote in the next tweet, If the non-subsidised price is more than the subsidized price, then the amount of such difference, up to the maximum limit of cylinders, which is currently 12 refill cylinders per financial year, is to be paid by cash transfer compliant customers. is transferred directly to the bank account of In view of the above, your subsidy is being generated 0/- in your bank account since May-2020, hence no subsidy has been transferred. If you have any other complaints regarding LPG-related issues, you can directly contact Customer Care Cell 011-23322395, 23322392, 23312986, 23736051, 23312996 from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM (Except Lunch Time) can do.

Check subsidy like this

If you want to check subsidy then some important steps have to be taken. By which it will be known whether you are entitled to get a subsidy or not. 

1. If you have a cylinder of Indane, then first of all go to the Indian Oil website Here you will see a photo of the LPG cylinder, click on it. 

2. After this the complaint box will open in which write ‘Subsidy Status’ and click on Proceed button.

3. Click on ‘Subsidy Related (PAHAL)’ option. Under which click on ‘Subsidy Not Received’.

4. A new dialog box will appear in which 2 options will appear. Here the registered mobile number and LPG ID will be shown.

5. If your LPG gas connection is connected to a mobile then select it or you enter a 17 digit LPG ID.

6. After entering the LPG ID, verify and hit the submit button

7. After this, the subsidy information will be available as soon as the booking date and other information are filled.



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