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Do this job on Whatsapp right away, and your spouse will not be able to see your Secret Chats

WhatsApp Tricks: WhatsApp claims to have the world’s most secure encryption, yet hackers have been able to crack it as well. If you want to keep your private chat safe from prying eyes and stay one step ahead of hackers, we’ll show you how to do it. Let us remind you that WhatsApp, which was launched in 2014, now has over 2 billion users. End-to-end encryption protects all of these users’ conversations from prying eyes; in fact, WhatsApp is unable to read the contents of your messages. Hackers will do anything to gain access to your account.

Many users have recently received fraudulent messages and SMS through which hackers gained access to their WhatsApp accounts. Hackers took advantage of an error committed by unknown people. This is something you must avoid. Hackers can easily switch the number to another number and destroy your original account once they gain access to it. They can even impersonate you while using your accounts to deceive your pals. We are providing you with such advice in order to help you avoid hackers.

Two-Step Verification should be enabled.

This is by far the most critical feature that WhatsApp users should enable to protect their accounts from hackers. You can use this setting to create a six-digit PIN for your account, which will be needed to unlock it after you receive your SMS verification code. Even if a hacker obtains your SMS code, they will be unable to access your account unless they have it.

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how to make it possible

Step 1: Navigate to WhatsApp Settings, select Account, and then Two-Step Verification.

Step 2: Turn on the feature and input the PIN. To ensure that you have entered the PIN correctly, you will need to re-enter it.

Step 3: At this point, WhatsApp has remembered your PIN, but it will prompt you to input it periodically to ensure that you do not forget it and are locked out of your account.

Check your privacy settings again.

Step 1: Navigate to WhatsApp Settings, then Account, then Privacy.

Step 2: Check the Last Seen, About, Profile Photo, and Status settings. Make sure that all of them are set to “My Contacts” so that no one else may see your information.

Step 3: If someone requests for your personal information, ban them right away and report them using WhatsApp.



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