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If you complete this task on Janmashtami, Lord Krishna will be pleased and life will be filled with joy

The ideal day to serve Lord Krishna and receive his blessings is Janmashtami. On this day, doing a few basic tasks reaps tremendous rewards. Life is full of happiness and riches.

If you receive Lord Shri Krishna’s blessings, you will live the life of your dreams since no one can teach you better than him about relationships, happiness, love, and attaining your goals. Even the smallest acts of his devotion bring him joy. We know easy ways to serve Lord Krishna and receive his blessings today (August 30, Monday) on Janmashtami (Janmashtami 2021), because these things are very dear to God.

On Janmashtami, complete this task.

Law and order are observed during the Janmashtami event. At midnight, worship the Lord in his Bal Gopal avatar. Pour milk into the conch to anoint them for this. Panchamrit can also be used for Abhishek.

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Finally, after anointing the Lord with Gangajal, put new clothing on him. Plant yellow sandalwood in your garden. Make her up and don’t forget to add peacock feathers on her head. The flute is also available. Keep this flute of worship in your safe, and money and food will fall from the sky.

Kanha should be given Harsingar or Parijat flowers, as these flowers are sacred to God.

Bal Gopal should be given butter-mishri and panjiri. Offer Tulsi to him, and God will be pleased.

– Take a swing in God’s cradle. This is really lucky for parents who want their children to be happy.

– Serve the cow on Janmashtami by feeding her fodder or roti. Make a gift right now.

Bringing a cow-calf idol into one’s home brings happiness and wealth. On this day, bring a cow-calf idol and adore it.



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