Thursday, February 2, 2023

If you are over 18 years old, then Flipkart can give you the Smartphone of your choice for free, know this amazing offer

The products from Flipkart are reliable and the prices are appreciable. And it also gives amazing offers. One such offer has come with Flipkart, which is named Flipkart Phone for Free Offer. Let’s know how you can get the smartphone of your choice for free under this offer … 

Online shopping not only gives you the goods of your choice sitting at home, but at the same time, if these shopping platforms give you amazing offers and discounts every day, then it has become a sweet thing to do. Flipkart is also one such online shopping platform where hardly any offers are running. Still few have come to you with information about such an offer of Flipkart, listening to which you will not be able to stop yourself from taking advantage of this offer. Flipkart’s Flipkart Phone for Free Offer will run from August 28 at 12 pm to August 31 at 12 pm. So let’s know without delay what is this offer… 

What is Flipkart’s Phone for Free Offer

Flipkart Phone For Free Offer gives you the opportunity to take the phone of your choice to your home at no cost. Only selected people will be able to take advantage of this offer. If a customer buys a smartphone during the offer days and then he/she chooses to avail of this offer, he/she will get the full price of his/her purchased smartphone back in the form of a Flipkart gift voucher i.e. 100% cashback. 

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How the winners will be selected 

During the sale days, 25 such people will be selected daily for this offer who buy the smartphone of their choice from Flipkart during this period. These 25 lucky people will be selected for the offer by doing the 1000th, 2000th, etc. of the day like this. The winners of this offer will be announced on the mobile category landing page of Flipkart on September 14. 

These winners will get a Flipkart electronic gift voucher equal to the full value of the smartphone they have purchased till October 25. 

You cannot participate in this offer if… 

If you are under 18 years of age or do not have a valid Flipkart account, you will not be able to be a part of this offer. Also, keep in mind that if you buy more than one smartphone, only your first purchase will be counted for this offer. Your smartphone must have been delivered to your doorstep to avail of the order. Canceled orders will not be considered in this offer.



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