Wednesday, May 31, 2023

iPhone users beware of Facebook! Facebook is spying on you, keeps an eye on your data

If you have an iPhone and use Facebook, then this news is for you. Security researchers have warned that the Facebook app is still stealing and spying on users’ data with the help of an accelerometer. Let’s know about it…

Apple iPhone is considered the most secure phone. Due to the absence of third-party apps, the phone remains quite secure. If you have an iPhone and use Facebook, then this news is for you. According to Forbes news, security researchers have warned iOS users that the Facebook app installed on their device is still harvesting their data with the help of an accelerometer, even if they have opted out of third-party app tracking.

keeps an eye on everything

The accelerometer records your location data based on your movements and thus, Facebook can track where you are at a certain time of day and, therefore, trace your behavior and habits. With the help of data, Facebook can allegedly connect you with people around you, even if they are strangers. The accelerometer data can also reportedly help Facebook know if you are lying down, sitting, or walking while using an app.

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Researchers gave this warning

Cyber ​​security researchers Talal Haj Bakery and Tommy Maisk warned in a statement to Forbes that “Facebook reads accelerometer data all the time. , grouping you with users who match the same vibration pattern that your phone’s accelerometer records.

Only Facebook is increasing the tension

He said that this problem affects Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, however, with WhatsApp, it is possible to disable this feature. Tommy Misch also added to the report that he tested TikTok, WeChat, iMessage, Telegram, and Signal and found that they do not use accelerometers to track user movements. For now, it seems there is no way to turn off accelerometer tracking. But Facebook spying can be stopped by deleting the app.



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