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What happens to your PAN and Aadhaar card after you die? Before you get into trouble, make sure you know the rules.

Aadhaar’s most recent news: If you want to know whether the PAN card and Aadhaar card become useless after someone’s death or if they can still be used after death, read and grasp this news.

Aadhaar’s most recent news: In India, a PAN card is a required document. PAN card and Aadhar card are two vital documents in our lives without which we would be unable to work. These two documents are required for everything from opening a simple bank account to forming a large corporation. These documents are required both while they are living and after they have died, and the formality with which they are associated is highly significant.

Have you ever wondered what happens to a person’s PAN and Aadhar card when they die? Let us tell you that after someone passes away, the relevant paperwork, such as an Aadhaar card and a PAN card, should be completed.

What happens to your PAN card once you die?
For filing bank accounts, demat accounts, and income tax returns, the PAN card is the most necessary document. As a result, all such accounts that require a PAN card should be kept safe until they are properly cancelled. For example, the PAN card shall be held at the time of ITR filing till the IT department’s procedure of filing income tax returns is completed.

Before you give up your PAN card, there’s something you should know.
Remember that the IRS has the ability to reopen the assessment for a period of four years. If a tax refund is owed to the deceased in this circumstance, make that it has been credited to his account, i.e. the refund has arrived in the account. His legal heir can pass over the deceased person’s PAN to the Income Tax Department once the difficulties connected to account closure, income tax returns, and other concerns are resolved. All of the deceased’s accounts should be moved or cancelled in the name of another individual before surrendering.

What is the procedure for surrendering a PAN card?
To surrender the PAN card, the deceased’s representative or legal successor must write to the assessment officer in the jurisdiction where the PAN card is registered. The application should include the deceased’s name, PAN number, date of birth, and a copy of the deceased’s death certificate, as well as the reason for surrendering the PAN card. Although it is not required, you may surrender the deceased’s PAN card if you believe you will need it in the future.

What happens to your Aadhaar card once you die?
The Aadhar card serves as both an identification and an address proof document. To benefit from the LPG gas subsidy, scholarship benefits, and all other government initiatives, you must have an Aadhar card. Because Aadhaar is a one-of-a-kind number, it remains active even after death and cannot be given to anyone else.

In response to the subject of what happens to Aadhaar after a person’s death, whether it may be destroyed or deactivated, the government has stated in Parliament that Aadhaar is not deactivated after a person’s death because no such provision exists. That is, there is currently no procedure in place to delete a deceased person’s Aadhaar number. The Registrar General of India had asked UIDAI for feedback on proposed modifications to the 1969 Birth and Death Registration Act. So that the deceased’s basis can be used to issue the death certificate.

Aadhaar can be linked to a death certificate.
The current curator or custodian of birth and death statistics is the Registrar of Births and Deaths. There is currently no way to obtain a deceased person’s Aadhaar number from the registrar in order to deactivate Aadhaar. However, once a framework for sharing Aadhaar numbers among various bodies is in place, registrars will begin sharing the deceased’s Aadhaar number with the UIDAI in order to deactivate it. After the death of the Aadhaar owner, deactivating the Aadhaar or attaching it to the death certificate will prevent it from being abused.



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