Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Mahaloot Offer! Buy a Brandnew smartphone of Redmi for just Rs 199, know-how can you get this phone

Realme smartphones can be bought at very cheap prices. Redmi Note 10S can be found for just Rs 199. Let’s know the offers and discounts…

The sale is going on in India during the festive season and many leading e-commerce websites are getting huge discounts on many products from smartphones. On one hand, Flipkart’s Big Diwali Sale is going on, while Amazon’s Great Indian Festival Sale is going on. The most expensive smartphones are also getting very cheap in these cells. Amazon’s sale is for the whole month and the sale is going to end on the 2nd. In such a situation, you have very little time left to buy goods cheaply. In Amazon Diwali Sale, the smartphone of Reality can be bought at very cheap prices. Redmi Note 10S can be found for just Rs 199. Let’s know the offers and discounts…

Redmi Note 10S Offers And Discounts

In the Amazon sale, the 6GB RAM + 64GB storage variant model of Redmi Note 10S is getting a discount of 18%. Although the price of the phone is Rs 16,999, in the cell this phone is available for Rs 13,999. That is, a discount of 3 thousand rupees is being given on the phone. This phone can be bought more cheaply. After taking bank offers and exchange offers, the phone can be purchased for Rs 199. 

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Bank offers on Redmi Note 10S

If you use Kotak’s credit card, you will get an instant discount of Rs 1,250. That is, the phone can be purchased for Rs 12,749. After that, you can also take advantage of the exchange offer.

Exchange offer on Redmi Note 10S

There is an exchange offer of Rs 12,550 on the Redmi Note 10S. If you exchange your old phone, then you can get this much off. But this off will be available only when the condition of your phone should be good and the model should be latest. If you manage to take the full off, then you will be able to buy Redmi Note 10S for Rs 199.



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